Tools for Photonic Alignment
& Automated Photonics Packaging

F-206 Automated 6-Axis Alignment System

XYZ Fiber Alignment System

Power Meter

Miniature Translation Stages

Piezo Alignment Add-On

Photonics Automation

Piezo Stacks and Chips

Steering Mirrors

Piezoceramic Tubes & Benders

PI provides a great variety of innovative solutions for photonics packaging and alignment automation. Products range from hybrid motorized/piezoelectric alignment systems to 6D MicroMotion robots for industrial automation, through ultra-fast piezoelectric scanning modules to modular devices with manual control for laboratory test setups.

Applications include automated angular alignment of collimated fibers or arrays, thin-film WDM add/drops, MEMS switches, planar MEMS cross-connects and multi-channel waveguides. Additional PI products are available for applications such as writing fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs), fiber stretching, coarse alignment, beam switching, etc.