Piezo Actuator / Piezo Translator Introduction

Multilayer Piezo Chips and Piezo Stacks

High Force Piezo Stacks

Preloaded Piezo Stacks

Piezo Benders and Bimorphs

Piezoceramic Tubes

Piezo Shear Actuators

Piezo Mike Actuators

NEXLINE® High-Force Piezo Motors

Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor

Piezo Flexure Actuators / Stages

Piezo Tip/Tilt Mirrors

Piezo Drivers & Controllers
PI offers the largest selection of research and industrial-reliability Piezo Actuators and Translators (linear actuators) worldwide. In addition to hundreds of standard models and variations, we manufacture custom designs tailored to customers' requirements.

Our PICMA® actuators are the only polymer-free ceramic insulated piezo actuators available and provide the longest lifetime, the largest operating temperature range and better vacuum compatibility than conventional polymer insulated actuators.
PI is highly vertically integrated, controlling each manufacturing step from piezo raw materials to finished systems. Learn more on piezo technology.