Introduction to Ultrasonic & Stepper Piezo-Motor Drives/Stages

Ultrasonic Linear Motors (High Speed, Resolution to 50 nm)

Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor Actuators

Ultrasonic Motor Stages

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Piezo Step Linear Motors (High Force, Sub-Nanometer Resolution)

NEXLINE / NEXACT PiezoWalk® / High-Force Linear Motor Actuators

NEXLINE® Piezo Hexapod

NEXLINE® Controllers

The patented PILIne® ultrasonic linear servo drives consist of a piezoelectric oscillator made from a rectangular piezoelectric plate. The right or left electrode of the piezo ceramic plate is excited to produce highfrequency (eigenmode) oscillations. An alumina pusher attached to the piezoceramic plate moves along an inclined linear path at the resonant frequency. In addition to resonant piezo servo motors, PI also offers the patented NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® nanodrives. These long-travel nanopositioning motors are more complex but can achieve even higher resolution, forces and—over small distances—dynamic performance.

Advantages of PI Piezo Motors